XXL Talavera Wall Iguana
XXL Talavera Lucy Frog
XS Talavera Elefant
Talavera Wall Angelfish
Talavera Parrot
Talavera Unicorne
Talavera Parrot King
Talavera Mantarallas
Small Talavera Pots
Small Talavera elefant
Small Talavera CHicken pot
Round Talavera Turtle
Polish Talavera Rooster
Pato Fisgon_planter
Medium Italy Talavera wall Dove
Medium Talavera Frog
LArge Skinny talavera Cat
LArge Talavvera Frog Planter
Large_Medium Italy Talavera Rooster
Hen Talavera Pots
Small Talavera Dragonflys
Small Talavera Unicorn Ring holder
Small Talavera Bulldog
Small talavera Salchicha Dog
Small Talavera Standing chihuahua
Small talavera Dog
Based Hound Rosco talavera DOG
Big Dove Pot
XXL Talavera PIG
XXL Bull dog
XS Talavera chihuahua
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Mexican Pottery

We specialize in Authentic Mexican Talavera as well as clay Pottery in the Corpus Christi area 

5317 S Staples 

Corpus Christi TX 78411

(Between Banuelos tires and Stripes )




 Saturday 10:00AM-2:00PM

M-F Only by appointment 

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